Privacy Policy
Japan Private Jet recognizes the importance of protecting its customerfs personal information and
strictly adheres to the privacy outlined below.

1) Compliance with privacy laws and regulations
    We comply with all laws, regulations, and guidelines dealing with the storage and use of information.
2) Acquisition of personal information
    Japan Private Jet obtains all personal information of clients through fair and legal means.
3) Use of personal information
    Japan Private jet uses personal information provided by clients with permission only for limited and
    clealy disclosed business purposes.
4) Establishment of a management system for personal information
    Japan Private jet has established an internal management system for clientsf personal information
    that haas demarcations of responsibility.
5) Establishment of a security system for personal information
    Japan Private Jet utilizes a@security system for personal information that prevents unauthorized
    access,information leaks, and loss of personal information.
6) Cooperation with business partners
    When Japan Private Jet out sources some aspects of its operation to business partners, it requires
    those entities to enter into a contract protecting clientsf personal experience, and skills and ensures
    that Japan Private Jetfs privacy policy is upheld.
7) Disclosure of personal information
    Japan Private Jet does not release personal information to third party entities without the clientfs
    permission, except in the case of legal subpoena.

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